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Monday, January 11, 2016

Warm Up

A new display is up in the hallway and I think it turned out super cute!  I talked with my little friends about how they were going to be recommending a book to others.  We thought about some of our favorite books and then turned and talked to our partners about what book we would recommending warming up with and why.  Students were then dismissed to their seats and given the writing paper. It worked out better for my friends to do the writing before the craft.  Once finished writing about the book they recommend, they assembled their mugs with hot chocolate and marshmallows. I printed everything on colored copy paper.  I had everything precut for them to make it go smoother.  Once finished they glued their writing onto their mugs.  

Click the picture to get the FREEBIE file BUT be warned that things are all over the place in it!  Hopefully it's not too confusing!